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Integrated Agriculture Technology is an umbrella term that explains the way we use innovative processes and technologies to develop food production systems that increase our clients’ competitive advantage and improve their economic return, while also considering social and environmental sustainability.

Our dedicated research teams provide ag-tech, greenhouse, aquaculture and large-scale crop producers with access to customized services and first-hand research data on unique technologies including integrated food production systems, aerobic bioreactors, dewatering techniques, waste treatment, water processing, precision irrigation and fertigation, agricultural engineering, automation and control systems, organoleptics and food safety.

Our research teams

Aquaculture Centre of Excellence

The team in the Aquaculture Centre of Excellence is internationally recognized in aquaculture and aquaponics research. Our greenhouse operations, biosecure isolation facilities, water recirculation technologies, water quality testing and molecular lab capabilities provide a solid foundation for a variety of aquatic and aquaponic-based research. Our ability to carry out diverse research for the benefit of industry has allowed us to specialize in aquaponics as an example of an integrated self-sustainable food production system based on an ecosystem approach, the culture of both warm and cool-water fish, and other areas of research, including biofiltration and organoleptic studies.

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Centre for Sustainable Food Production

The new 10,000-square-foot greenhouse at Lethbridge College integrates with the existing Aquaculture Centre of Excellence. The team in the Centre for Sustainable Food Production works with industry to develop innovative technologies that convert manure and other wastes into highly efficient, soluble fertilizers; to improve the delivery of soluble fertilizers by optimizing fertigation systems; to improve organic crop production through optimized pest management; and to maximize greenhouse production through aquaponics.

Mueller Applied Research Chair in Irrigation Science

The Mueller Applied Research Chair in Irrigation Science team works closely with industry partners, agricultural producers, and producer associations on a range of projects including monitoring soil dynamics in fields using different irrigation methods and investigating how technologies and software can enable more sophisticated water management on farms.

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Advanced Post Harvest Technology

The team in the Advanced Post-Harvest Technology addresses the gap in post-harvest handling and storage of produce and grains. They are developing postharvest engineering solutions using advancements in sensing, automation, IoT, cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), machine vision, hyperspectral imaging and mathematical modeling.

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We support clients through consulting; testing and validation; system design; system scaling and benchmarking; process optimization; comparative analysis for new products; market analysis; product development and support; product testing; and other technical services.

If you require technical services or consulting from our experts, we can create a research contract based on an hourly rate. This fee includes a dedicated researcher and other team members if necessary. Projects range from small (15 hours) to large (excess of 100 hours).


We can help you develop an applied research project funded through internal or external research grants. We select this stream if the project is larger in scope and the timeline is longer and flexible. Project start dates will vary depending on the type of grant, but will typically take between 10 to 12 weeks from the start of the proposal application process through to a decision from the granting agency.


We can connect you with specialized training and education based on your unique needs. Depending on the project, we may do this in collaboration with Lethbridge College’s Centre for Teaching, Learning and Innovation.


Our office is located on Lethbridge College’s campus in the Trades, Technology and Innovation Facility in room TT2982. Our research and development services take place across campus in state-of-the art facilities. Our Aquaculture Centre of Excellence (ACE) features a biosecure isolation facility, water recirculation equipment, water quality testing equipment, and a molecular laboratory. It also includes an existing 3,000-square-foot greenhouse. The Centre for Sustainable Food Production resides in a 10,000-square-foot research greenhouse that will also add new analytical lab space to ACE. Lethbridge College also features a microbiology lab, chemistry lab, organoleptics lab, and a recently opened 7,000-square-foot Innovation Space designed to foster collaborative research with industry.